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We are pleased to be able to share photos of our trips to Washington, D.C. as well as events within our community.

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Photo Galleries

No one ever wants to forget this day – and what better way to bring back memories than looking at photos? Through the efforts of our professional photographers, supplemented by the guardians, volunteers and veterans, we are able to post thousands of photos for each flight. And the best news is that you can download these for your own use at no cost! Click on the logo to access the gallery - Enjoy!

For more photo galleries from our flights please visit :

Tami Stieger Photography                      Houston Events Photography

2015 Flights                                                           Houston Honor Flight

2016 Flights

2017 Flights

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Honor Flight Houston, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, knows that our Veteran heroes aren’t asking for recognition. It is our position that they deserve it. Please help us continue to make their dream of visiting THEIR memorial, a reality. 
In The News

Check out footage from our May 5-6, 2017 flight - courtesy of FOX26

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Segment 5

Community Support:

Our Volunteers

“We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.”
– Will Rogers

A special THANK YOU to our wonderful photographers who provide beautiful photos for our Trips of a Lifetime .

Tami Stieger

Karie Hubnik 

Scott Wilson

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