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Honor Flight Houston Guardian

Being a Guardian is a rewarding experience.  A chance to share in a momentous experience for a hero. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Guardian with us.

Please fill out the Guardian Application and mail or email to us.

Time is of the Essence

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Honor Flight Houston, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, knows that our Veteran heroes aren’t asking for recognition. It is our position that they deserve it. Please help us continue to make their dream of visiting THEIR memorial, a reality. 

Get Involved

We are nothing without our Volunteers! At Honor Flight Houston, we never lose sight of what drives our efforts: Dedicated people who are ready to make change happen now. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and put their individual experience and expertise to work for the greater good.

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At Honor Flight Houston we are working to create hope and the opportunity for every Veteran to see their memorial. But we can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and donate now. 

Our Guardians

Our Guardians help make our Veterans Honor Flight experience incredible.  Whether Ground Crew or Flight, being a guardian is truly rewarding.

GUARDIANS are picked by our Flight Selection Team based on a number of factors. For a typical flight, the guardian-to-veteran ratio is held at a one-to-one ratio. (Guardians can be assigned more than one veteran, but a veteran will never be assigned more than one guardian.)

Guardians must be at least 18 and no more than 64 years of age. Guardians age 65-69 may be considered with a medical review from one of our doctors. In addition, guardians must be one generation removed (at least 15 years younger) from the veteran. Many times guardians will be assisting veterans into or out of wheelchairs, up and down stairs, etc.  Guardians do pay for their trip and must attend a mandatory training session.

Important Note: Family members of veterans are invited to apply to be part of our guardian team. However, we are unable to guarantee they will be invited on the flight. When filling out a guardian application, it is important that you indicate on the guardian application the veteran you wish to fly with. In order to ensure the safety of all on our flight, guardians are selected based on a number of factors. Each veteran is only allowed one guardian.

Q: Can spouses also go on the trip?
We are unable to accommodate spouses unless they are eligible veterans themselves. Guardians are required to be one generation removed from the veteran.

Q: How do I get an application?
Veteran and Guardian applications can be downloaded from our website or, you may call us at 281-652-5072 to request that one be mailed to you.

Q: How much does it cost for the Veteran? Who pays for the trip?
Our Veterans have already sacrificed and given so much through their service to our country, therefore we feel they should not have to pay for the trip. All expenses for their Honor Flight are covered.

Flights are funded by donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other groups who wish to be an important part of honoring these heroes and recognize the need to get our veterans to see their memorial before it is too late. No funding is received from the government.

Q: How much does it cost to be a Guardian? Guardians pay $720.00 each for the honor of escorting a veteran to Washington DC. This helps pay for a two-day trip with airfare, hotel, transportation, food, reservations and admissions.

Q: Do veterans need to supply their own guardian?
No. A guardian will be provided for each veteran, unless a family member has sent in a guardian application requesting to fly with a specific veteran. (See above for guardian requirements)

Q: When and where do I pay my $720 guardian fee?
Guardian fees are due once a guardian has been notified they are on a specific flight. Guardian fees can then be paid with a credit card, through our PayPal account, brought to the mandatory guardian training session, or mailed to Honor Flight Houston, PO Box 73145, Houston, TX 77273.

Our Volunteers

“We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.”
– Will Rogers