Our Guardians

Our Guardians help make our Veterans Honor Flight experience incredible. Whether Ground Crew or Flight, being a guardian is truly rewarding.

Guardians are selected by our Flight Selection Team based on a number of factors. For a typical flight, the Guardian-to-Veteran ratio is held at a one-to-one ratio. (Guardians can be assigned more than one veteran, but a veteran will never be assigned more than one guardian.)

Guardians must be at least 18 and no more than 64 years of age. Guardians age 65-69 may be considered with a medical review from our team. In addition, guardians must be one generation removed (at least 15 years younger) from the veteran. Many times guardians will be assisting veterans into or out of wheelchairs, up and down stairs, etc.  Guardians do pay for their trip and must attend a mandatory training session.

Important Note: Family members of veterans are invited to apply to be part of our guardian team. However, we are unable to guarantee they will be invited on the flight. When filling out a guardian application, it is important that you indicate on the guardian application the veteran you wish to fly with. In order to ensure the safety of all on our flight, guardians are selected based on a number of factors. Each veteran is only allowed one guardian.


Being a supporter of Honor Flight Houston means joining a family of people who are committed to to giving veterans the experience they deserve.